How yoga entered my life…

It began about two to three years ago with daily back pain. This is not very unusual for people with white collor jobs. We sit for eight hours daily staring into a computer screen, only moving around when walking from one meeting to the next or getting a refill in the coffee room. In the midst of sitting still I got myself a doctors appointment, during which four, not yet fully advanced, spinal disc herniation. I was about to head into a life filled potentially filled with alot more pack pain if I did nothing. I had read on countless sites that yoga was a good and gentle exercise for your body. With a positive attitude I rolled out my $9.99 yoga mat and turned to Youtube, I found my first online yoga class. It took 30 minutes and I was hooked. It has truely changed me in so many ways. I seldom have back pains, I feel much more balanced and I am a more happy and positive person than before.

I have now been to two yoga retreats, one in Bretagne – France and one in Goa – India. The best decisions I have made in a long time was going on these retreats. In Bretagne I found my love for yoga, and in India is where I found my passion for it.

During my travel I have decided to develop my yoga further, and have located, what seems to be, a great yoga studio in New York and Los Angeles. I look very much forward to deepening my practice and developing my personal style within yoga.

I intend to share my experience with yoga with you and eventually post easy sequences I have come across along the road.