Singapore 13-22.12

In Sweden we have a saying: Better late than never. Well, here are a few posts that are seriously late, but I would hate myself later on if I did not write them. They did not get written during my time in Singapore for two reasons. 1. I stayed at a very special hostel, with […]

Upper Canada Village 31.08

On our way towards Montréal we made a stop at Upper Canada Village. It is a historic village, where different type of houses from the 1850’s have been moved to a common place, in order to creat a representative village from that time. This gives the visitors insight as to how it was to live […]

Niagara 30.08

New Ticket! This time I am telling you about Niagara. Not just Niagara Falls, which usually comes to peoples mind as soon as they hear Niagara. I will also include Niagara-on-the-lake.     This town is adorable! Before coming we had heard it reminds you of the town of Stars Hollow in Gilmore girls. This […]

Toronto 29.08

This ticket is dedicated to Toronto! Toronto have been on my go-to-list for a while, and I was very much looking forward to discovering what the city had to offer. It is a large city, and staying only for a day like we did was way too short! You need alot more time to truly […]

Mont Tremblant 26.08

August 25th it was time for take-off, with the purpose of doing something different in order to gain different results. I have for the last month been thinking about what life is really all about? My only answer so far was: If it was to just to work your way through life, people would have […]