Leaving America behind 08-09.10

My time in the States has come to an end. I am today leaving LA for my next destination – Fiji.   I spent yesterday by the pool and managing things for future destinations on my trip. I was working on booking and researching since I don’t know how my access to wifi will be […]

Venice Canals 07.10

Yesterday I took a walk along the Venice Canals, not far from where I am staying. I had wanted to visit this place my second day here, but ended up walking to Santa Monica that day instead. So now, with only three days left, I figured it was time to get around to it. It […]

First hummingbird 03-06.10

So, I keep up with the lazy days by the pool here. The weather is great every day, so after a while you kinda loose the feeling of ”i have to be outside to really enjoy this amazing weather”. Even though I do get out, I don’t always move very far. I usually bring something […]

Lazy days 29.09-01.10

The last few days has been really lazy. I have been reading a lot, listening to podcasts by the pool, relaxing in the sun and done a whole lot of yoga. I am really getting my moneys worth in this studio. Trying a new class every day and a new teacher. Figuring out what kind […]

Universal Studios 28.09

On thursday I started off with a pancake-breakfast (my first one on this trip!) before heading to Universal Studios. Decided to spend the day at the park that same morning, so bought a ticket online and got myself an Uber to take me there. Here Uber is way more popular and cheaper than getting a […]

Quiet and calm 27.09

Spent the day doing nothing but reading and yoga. I started my day with breakfast before stepping onto the mat for a morning yoga session at home. I then spent the entire day in various locations (by the pool, in the couch, in my bed) reading. It was just so relaxing and the first time […]

Last day of New York 22-23.09

My last day in the City I spent shopping. I was looking for make-up, shirts and accessories. The requested make-up was sold out, unfortunately. But the shirts and a pair of shoes for me was, by the end of the day, sent to Sweden using USPS. It’s amazing how expensive mail can be. Sending one […]

Guggenheim and a cold coming up 18.09

On monday I headed to my last must-see here in New York; The Guggenheim. Like Coney, it is also one of those things I never got around to during my previous visits. This time however I had a bit of bad luck. Half the museum was closed for preparation of a new exhibit. But I […]

Brooklyn and Coney 17.09

On sunday morning I headed over to Williamsburg in Brooklyn for brunch. I walked Bedford Avenue, the heart of Williamsburg and looked in the windows of many many pretty boutiques along the street. Since it was a little bit too early on a sunday for shopping (it was 10am) I sat down in one of […]