Right and wrong?

This is a post that I have been meaning to write since I began this journey. The meaning of right and wrong is really one of the major reasons I decided to go on this trip.   Over the past two years ago, a chain of events have turned my world upside down, and I […]

Last days in Fiji 20-23.10

The 20th, the day I checked out of my worst resort and into my most luxurious one! Such and upgrade moving from roaches to 5 start resort on the main land. When trying to find another place to move to on friday morning most resorts were fully booked, but I found a good deal for […]

Certified diver and sharks 13-14.10

The last three days I have been taking an open water certified diver course here in Fiji. 6 dives (40-50 min) in depth 12-20m. It has been the most amazing experience ever! My first to dives (introduction and techniques) I had the fortune of doing one-on-one with my instructor checking of octopus (twice), sea cucumber, […]

Yasawa Islands 11-12.10

I have arrived to the Yasawa Islands here in Fiji! It is amazingly beautiful. When I steped off the transfer boat from the main Island and onto the smaller taking me to my resort I had to feel the water because it didn’t look real with the turqouise color. It was and also warm! The […]

Universal Studios 28.09

On thursday I started off with a pancake-breakfast (my first one on this trip!) before heading to Universal Studios. Decided to spend the day at the park that same morning, so bought a ticket online and got myself an Uber to take me there. Here Uber is way more popular and cheaper than getting a […]

Broadway 06.09

While walking in the heat on tuesday, all weather forecast said rain for wednesday. Not just a few drops, but pouring down. So I quickly booked a ticket for Anastasia on Broadway for the matinee performance. And I was very lucky to have done so, because it gave me the morning to do laundry (hadn’t […]

New york 02-03.09

Three days have gone since I left Canada. I am still getting things that I need, missed in my packing or looking for things people have requested.. In the meantime, read about how I found my room!   My hunting for a room in NY began early april (long before anything was even decided about […]

Montréal 31-2.09

Last stop on the Canada tour was Montréal. This is were I flew in a week earlier, but then only to hit ground before driving on to Mont Tremblant. This time around we were here to actually discover the city. We had a full day for walking and driving around town, and two nights to […]