Thailand 22.12-11.01

On friday I left Singapore for my final destination of the trip, Bangkok. I was going to meet the love I hadn’t seen in 4 months. The butterflies in my stomache was all over the place. I was scheduled to arrive a few hours before him, which gave me enough time to consult Thai Airways […]

A weekend of love 10.09

On sunday morning we woke up and headed straight for Brooklyn Bridge. Instead of walking from Manhattan to Brooklyn, we decided to do it the other way around. Walking towards Manhattan gives you that powerful feeling with the skyline closes in on you for every step. Walking across, we could also check of the Statue […]

A weekend of love 08.09

Friday – TGIF, right?! To me it is friday almost every day. At least I try to live as if it was. But this friday was special, A was coming to town. I spent the day getting a few things done – getting items that had been requested from home. Always good when a big […]