Brooklyn and Coney 17.09

On sunday morning I headed over to Williamsburg in Brooklyn for brunch. I walked Bedford Avenue, the heart of Williamsburg and looked in the windows of many many pretty boutiques along the street. Since it was a little bit too early on a sunday for shopping (it was 10am) I sat down in one of […]

Brooklyn Botanic Garden and yoga 16.09

One of the many must-see-and-do during my time here in the big apple have been Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I have seen so many beautiful pictures and photos of this place, that I had to see it for myself. The fact that I’m raised always visiting the Botanical Gardens of different cities we’ve visited only enhanced […]

A weekend of love 08.09

Friday – TGIF, right?! To me it is friday almost every day. At least I try to live as if it was. But this friday was special, A was coming to town. I spent the day getting a few things done – getting items that had been requested from home. Always good when a big […]