Back in Auckland 20-21.11

After Vipassana, I got a ride back to the city with the same shuttle service that I had used to get to the retreat. I went straight to the hostel and waited for check in. As I had a few hours before it was time I sat down and used the wifi to call home […]

Vipassana 08-19.11

The first day after I had gotten back to Auckland from the Vipassana my mind was all groggy. Emotions coming from everywhere and it didn’t take much for the tears to start falling. I felt SO much gratitude to have been given the opportunity to learn the technique, to have taken the time for myself […]

My plans ahead 07.11

Today I spent half the day updating on here with posts I’ve been behind on. Really takes a while when the connection is half good. Missing that speedy wifi right about now! The morning, however, I spent going around shopping. I know, not the best thing to do when backpacking around different countries and continents […]

Waiheke Island 06.11

Time for the activity I booked… Wine tour at the Waiheke Island. Waiheke is an island about 40 min boat ride outside of Auckland downtown. The tour included visit to 3 vineries around the island. The three we visited was Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant, Cable Bay Vineyard and Te Motu Vineyard.         […]

Auckland 05.11

Back in Auckland after 11 hours on the bus on saturday…Puh! Wasn’t as bad as I had imagened though, but still not the best day here in New Zealand. Spent my sunday doing laundry, shopping for food and booking an activity for the day after (you soon learn what!). The weather forecast said it would […]