Niagara 30.08

New Ticket! This time I am telling you about Niagara. Not just Niagara Falls, which usually comes to peoples mind as soon as they hear Niagara. I will also include Niagara-on-the-lake.     This town is adorable! Before coming we had heard it reminds you of the town of Stars Hollow in Gilmore girls. This […]

Yoga Challange with Yoga Girl

Up to this point, my tickets has mainly been regarding Ticket to travel. Today I am introducing the first ticket in Ticket to Yoga. The other day on Instagram I saw on @Yoga_girl that she is introducing a yoga challange starting today (#yogaeverydamnday), and I decided to join. The challanges requires you to step on […]

Toronto 29.08

This ticket is dedicated to Toronto! Toronto have been on my go-to-list for a while, and I was very much looking forward to discovering what the city had to offer. It is a large city, and staying only for a day like we did was way too short! You need alot more time to truly […]

Kingston 27-28.08

Next ticket, enjoy!   Taking the scenic route driving down to Kingston from Ottawa was the best decision ever. The environment was breath-taking at times. And the architcture of the houses around, amazing! One conclusion made, people living here has plenty of money. The houses that could be seen when passing on the road were […]

Ottawa 27.08

New ticket! We have driven down to Kingston, which is the modern Canada’s first capital. I will get back to this town in a later post. In the meantime I will give you Ottawa. We left Mont Tremblant and drove down to spend the night in Buckingham, about 30km outside Ottawa. We can now tic […]

Mont Tremblant 26.08

August 25th it was time for take-off, with the purpose of doing something different in order to gain different results. I have for the last month been thinking about what life is really all about? My only answer so far was: If it was to just to work your way through life, people would have […]