What is Ticket to Great?

I am the kind of person who likes having a plan and mission for everything I do. Spontaneity is not the first word that comes to peoples mind when describing me. Impulsive goes as far as buying a top on sale for $10, and that is also where it stops. Anything beyond that creates anxiety.


Imagine my surprise when my so toughtfully planned and organized life takes unexpected turn, resulting in me questioning all I am, all I know and all I have done. It pulled out the rug from underneath me. I decided to start fresh with – Who am I?


I know, this is so 2010 with the hype of Eat Pray Love. But, what to do when you suddenly don’t really know yourself?! My partner in life told me: If you can’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else? And he was right. I needed to build myself in order to be able to build an us. So, I booked a ticket! I am doing my own version of Eat Pray Love, like Lorelai in A year with the Gilmore Girls, but I am confident I will actually make it out in the wilderness. Life is not supposed to be unbareable or even remotely described as fine or OK. It is supposed to be great!


So now I have quit my job, booked a one-way ticket (so far) with an intention of doing ”soul searching” for four months. I started this website with an intension of keeping a track record for family and friends, but also as a possibility of starting my own business in the future. Whenever I have found my passion in life.


This is my ticket to great!


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