Whakahoro aka Blue Duck Station 29-30.10

After breakfast we said goodbye to the Maori family and headed towards Wakahoro, the Blue duck station, which is really off the beaten track with the driveway to the farm being 18km of a tiny gravel road. We did, however, start off with a dip in a hot spring first before viewing the amazing Haka falls outside Taupo.


Morning dip in the hot spring was amazing.


Haka falls


Me at the haka falls


From the start New Zealand didn’t have any mamals except for one kind of bat, but only birds. When the europeans came, they also brought other mamals with them like goats. When the australians came, they also brought mamals to the island, such as possums. With the mamals being introduced to the country the ecosystem changed and species began to become extinct. Over the years blue duck has become one of them. The people on the farm are currently doing everything they can to eliminate threats such as rats, possums and wild goats in the area. Apparently the duck is also the only bird that has lips. Still don’t know why though.


The view of the surrounding grounds


Me on Hang abouts


View from the top of the trek


Blue duck station from above


The station


The horses on the trek


During the evening a couple of us on the bus decided to have dinner in the main house instead of cooking by ourselfs. Here we met a father and daughter. The daughter was just about to start working at the station as a chef, recently having quit her job in fine dininig in London. The dad had driven her there, from Wellington, and gave us an interesting history lesson about New Zealand and Australia and how it all began, also adding some knowledge about the earthquakes freakvently hitting New Zealand. Had my teachers in school been anything like that, history class would have been so much more fun!


The morning after I began with a qick visit to my yoga mat before it was time for the activity I had signed up for, horse trekking. We went on a 3,5h horse trek around the grounds. I was given the alpha horse named ”Hang abouts”. He had gotten the name because he always liked to hang about in the front. He was a black beauty. The only time he resisted and tried to go against my will was for eating… constantly when coming to a stop. I did however win the majority of times (YES!).


Sore and tired from the ride I had to take a nap during the afternoon, and went to bed really early that night. Rest needed for what was to come.

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