Quiet and calm 27.09

Spent the day doing nothing but reading and yoga. I started my day with breakfast before stepping onto the mat for a morning yoga session at home. I then spent the entire day in various locations (by the pool, in the couch, in my bed) reading. It was just so relaxing and the first time […]

Santa Monica 25.09

On monday I decided to explore the area by foot. My first thought was to wander the canal walkways of Venice, but once I got there I just contiuned along the ocean towards Santa Monica.       Everything looks much closer than it really is here, so it took me about 1,5-2 hours to […]

Arriving to LA 23-24.09

I am now located in Los Angeles, in the area called Marina del Rey. Staying with a friend here, fairly close to Venice beach. First night we went the Venice for dinner at Hinano Café. Being saturday night and all there was both a football game on and a live band in the corner. Very […]

Last day of New York 22-23.09

My last day in the City I spent shopping. I was looking for make-up, shirts and accessories. The requested make-up was sold out, unfortunately. But the shirts and a pair of shoes for me was, by the end of the day, sent to Sweden using USPS. It’s amazing how expensive mail can be. Sending one […]

Guggenheim and a cold coming up 18.09

On monday I headed to my last must-see here in New York; The Guggenheim. Like Coney, it is also one of those things I never got around to during my previous visits. This time however I had a bit of bad luck. Half the museum was closed for preparation of a new exhibit. But I […]

Brooklyn and Coney 17.09

On sunday morning I headed over to Williamsburg in Brooklyn for brunch. I walked Bedford Avenue, the heart of Williamsburg and looked in the windows of many many pretty boutiques along the street. Since it was a little bit too early on a sunday for shopping (it was 10am) I sat down in one of […]

Brooklyn Botanic Garden and yoga 16.09

One of the many must-see-and-do during my time here in the big apple have been Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I have seen so many beautiful pictures and photos of this place, that I had to see it for myself. The fact that I’m raised always visiting the Botanical Gardens of different cities we’ve visited only enhanced […]

Bed rest

I’ve been bound to my bed for two days now. Started feeling a little weird on monday, so after having been on my last must-see I headed for the grocery store and then home. During the night I began getting a sore throat, my head was pounding and my muscels didn’t really want to even […]

NYFD and School of Rock 15.09

On friday we had no clouds, no wind but a lot of sun. So, I put on my sneakers and started to walk the streets of lower manhattan in search of the amazingly beautiful fire stations of New York. Despite having been here for two weeks I still get fooled by the map when it […]